Visit our custom department for tailor-made suits,
sport coats, trousers and shirts.

The dress shirts are made in the USA by a 100 year old company with 1,000 swatches to choose from. The custom suits are by Italian master tailor and designer Adriano Roberti, who opened Adrian Jules Custom Clothing in 1964 and continue to be handcrafted in America. They are guided by a desire to maintain traditional Italian-American  handwork with an eye towards modern taste.

We are proud to offer two new lines.

  •  BLU - a tapered non-iron dress shirt line of Polifroni for $89.95. 
  • Serica - a 2-ply non-iron cotton fabric and tailored with extraordinary attention to detal. Sizes from 15-18.5" neck and 34-37.5" sleeve. Fabrics are sourced from the best mills and embody luxury and good taste, with patterns and designs to complement the image of the well-dressed man. The Serica shirt will enhance your finest suits and more casual outfits for an impeccable look.